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ESG | JUNE 2021

Deer Park Road Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Statement of Policy

Deer Park Road is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner. The Firm is committed to operating in a manner consistent with best practices and exercising a high degree of responsibility and strong corporate governance are cornerstones of our daily operations.


Our operations are conducted with quality, risk mitigation, and longevity in mind. Deer Park has instituted a series of Committees which govern the Firm. These Committees include the Partners Committee, Executive Committee, Compliance Committee and Pricing Committee. These Committees govern all aspects of the Firm’s operations.

We have also built a robust compliance program, led by the Chief Compliance Officer, and governed by an extensive set of policies and procedures. As Deer Park innovates, it does so with the highest level of care and understanding of regulations and best practices.

Our People

Deer Park believes that our greatest asset is our people and is committed to their wellbeing and development both as professionals and as people. We believe our employees perform their best when they are supported in leading a balanced lifestyle. Deer Park has always emphasized the importance of respecting personal wellness and familial and personal obligations. Additionally, several of our core values are focused on the quality of our internal environment and treatment of our employees, including:

  • Maintaining a professional and enjoyable work environment
  • Nurturing personal growth and development
  • Fostering internal collaboration while encouraging healthy debates
  • Maintaining an atmosphere of open communications & accessibility
  • Respect for others, integrity, and honesty

Deer Park has promulgated various policies to ensure that valuing our people is part of the fabric of who we are including an Equal Employment Opportunity policy and Anti-Harassment policies. Deer Park maintains a fully equipped gym on premises for employees use and facilitates access to other recreational activities.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Deer Park strives to maintain a nondiscriminatory environment free from prejudice, intimidation, or harassment. Except where there is a business necessity or bona fide occupational qualification, the Company will make employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, military service, veteran or marital status, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law. Deer Park Road Management Company will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship. 

Community Service

Deer Park is proud that its people volunteer and support our community in many ways. Employees are encouraged and supported in their efforts to volunteer for worthy causes including enhancing opportunities in health, education, and the arts. Deer Park also believes in giving back to the Community. All three senior partners have established charitable foundations with a regular program of giving. In addition, the Firm has established a program, “Deer Park Gives” which allocates funds to local causes on an ongoing basis.

Environmental Impact

Deer Park is increasingly mindful of how our operations impact the environment. We built our office to minimize our carbon footprint. Our headquarters building received two Green Globes from the Green Building initiative upon its completion. Additionally, we limit the use of plastic packaged items, and require all employees to recycle or dispose of materials in a sustainable way.

Responsible Investing

Deer Park’s core mission is to manage a diversified portfolio with a strong but not exclusive focus on mortgage-backed securities. Our primary objective, as disclosed to our clients, is to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns over time. We recognize that our clients and investors may have different perspectives regarding ESG matters, and though we acknowledge these to be important, we do not feel it appropriate or practical for us to broadly apply any single perspective. Further, due to the Firm’s strategy and active trading approach, our investment analyses are unlikely to be affected by ESG considerations. It is inherently difficult to apply traditional responsible investment metrics to asset backed securities-based strategies. Instead, we strive to practice corporate responsibility as a risk reduction measure to our clients and are cognizant of issues generally viewed as having ESG concerns.